Why You Should Invest In Lakeside Village

Mar 11, 2021
Why You Should Invest In Lakeside Village


Millennials are starting to fill out the housing market in both a purchasing and renting capacity, bringing with it a generational demand for sustainable housing options.

As populations increase and land becomes scarcer, the demand for houses is rapidly expanding, with many people seeing their maintenance nature as providing a break from the fast- pace of modern society.

Investing in real estate is a great way to grow wealth if done responsibly and with an understanding of the risks and rewards involve. It is also a better investment for those who wish to take an active role in growing their capital, rather than passively putting their money into a managed account.

Investing in townhouses is one of the best investment strategies for homeowners and investors who want an additional source of monthly income with slow but steady appreciation in the value of their portfolio. When it comes to Lakeside Village we offer quality modern townhouses to our prospects with several advantages. Here are reasons why you should invest in Lakeside Village.


Lakeside Village offers a good price for its homeowners to experience comfortable living. With the starting price at $86,000, first-time homebuyers, and also those seeking a second residence out of town can enjoy the luxury of bespoke 3 bedroom townhouse in a gated community with plenty of space and the right number of amenities


Townhouses have the potential to generate a fair amount of rental income and appreciate in value if homebuyers choose to rent out. Lakeside Village investments will provide a regular and dependable income stream that produces positive cash flow for its owners with guaranteed rent returns.


At Lakeside Village we prioritize the privacy of our homeowners. Residents can enjoy their rest easily and the security of their belongings even when they are out.


Lakeside Village is situated in Ashaley Botwe in the Adenta Municipality, Accra. The neighborhood has a good mix of shopping, retail, commercial and leisure facilities that make it a great place for living. It is located in close proximity to New Nation School, conveniently located 10 minutes drive from the Lakeside marina park, 5 minutes drive from the Lakeside police station and 2 minutes drive away from the Madina Institute of Science and Technology. Residents can enjoy all the benefits of homeownership tailored for their wellbeing.


Lakeside Village is a 24 unit townhouses development in a gated community designed to offer a style of luxury life. Set over 2 floors, all units are designed to create a warm atmosphere. It features 3 bedroom en suite, open-plan living and dining area, fully fitted kitchen, a garage, a guest washroom and a back garden. External features include swimming pool, back-up power and water supply, kid’s playground, gym, clubhouse, a 24 hour facility management and security services.

One of the beautiful things about Lakeside Village is the flexibility that it gives to its residents. Living here is a great way to enjoy freedom without the added baggage of extra maintenance and restrictions. It provides a good sense of community emblem. We are ready to help you find your ideal home.

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